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  1. Trebekbot for Slack

    A fun little time-waster I just built: It’s a Jeopardy! app, powered by the jService API, which sets up a perpetual game of Jeopardy! in your Slack channels. I strongly suggest you set this up in a separate channel if you decide to install it, it’s very addictive.

  2. Hunters kill 20 Yellowstone wolves that roamed out of park

    Park officials said in a statement to AP that the deaths mark “a significant setback for the species’ long-term viability and for wolf research.”

    One pack — the Phantom Lake Pack — is now considered “eliminated” after most or all of its members were killed over a two-month span beginning in October, according to the park.

    Absolutely sickening. We need to have wolves protected under the Endangered Species Act immediately. Please, take action.