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Hello, there. I’m a Venezuelan-American immigrant based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, right in the heart of Grand Teton National Park, on Shoshone-Bannock, Eastern Shoshone, and Cheyenne land. I live here with my spouse and our three rambunctious kittens, and we enjoy traveling and visiting national parks, historic sites, landmarks, and museums across the country.

I am also a…

Web developer & engineering leader

A portrait of me, with Teddy, an orange tabby cat, sitting across my shoulders. I'm wearing a dark blue shirt and gold-rimmed glasses.
I wish I had a more professional-looking work photo, but this is exactly what Teddy & I look like when I’m working.

I’ve been building websites for over 20 years, and currently I’m an engineering manager at Stitch Fix, where I’ve led multiple engineering and cross-functional teams, most recently the Checkout & Wardrobe team.

Previously, I was a senior engineering manager at Vox Media, where I led several teams, including the Editorial Tools team, building first-class editorial tools for journalists across the world; the Services team, bringing Chorus to newspapers such as the Chicago Sun-Times, Deseret News, and Minneapolis Star Tribune; the Revenue Platforms team, building better advertising tools & products; and the Performance team, making the sites as fast as possible. I was also a front-end engineer at The Verge, where among other things I did a complete responsive rebuild of the site, and worked on high-touch editorial features such as The Verge 50 and Fanboys.

Before that, I worked as a front-end engineer at Piictu and DailyMe, and as an independent web developer for over a decade, with a brief, strange stint in the Venezuelan oil industry during that time.


Me, looking through the viewfinder of my camera on a tripod, standing in water on a stream . In the background, a line of lodgepole pine trees, and behind them, Mount Moran. I'm wearing a green jacket and pants, green Xtratuf boots, gray gloves, a black backpack, and a can of bear spray.
Making landscape photographs in String Lake, Grand Teton National Park. | Credit: Kate Birmingham

I specialize in black & white wildlife and landscape photography in and around Grand Teton National Park and other national parks. I publish my photography on my website, All-Encompassing Trip, on Instagram, and on Flickr, among a few other social networks.

A moose and a dog inside an SUV parked alongside Antelope Flats Road stare at each other.
Close encounter at Antelope Flats, Grand Teton National Park. December, 2018.

In 2021, the photograph seen above, titled Close Encounter at Antelope Flats, was chosen as one of four highly commended photos in London’s Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year, People’s Choice Awards. I’ve also been featured in the BBC, the Jackson Hole News & Guide, Jackson Hole Magazine, and the May 2021 issue of GEO Magazine.

I strive to minimize the environmental impact of my work by considering the potential ecological ramifications of publishing my photos, and of the equipment, processes, and techniques I use to make them. I follow Leave No Trace principles at all times, abide by all applicable laws and regulations for the locations and parks I visit, and avoid, to the best of my abilities, causing any damage to natural and cultural resources. All my wildlife photography is made in the wild, without baiting, and attempting to disrupt my subjects as little as possible, without engaging in behaviors that endanger them, myself, or others.


Me, seen mid-stroke, swimming in String Lake. In the background, a line of pine trees, with Mount Moran further back. I'm wearing a Roka wetsuit, swim goggles, a red swim cap, and an orange safety buoy.
Training in String Lake, Grand Teton National Park. | Credit: Kate Birmingham

If anyone had told me at any point in my life that I would get seriously into triathlons in my forties, I probably would have died laughing. Like many, I got into Peloton classes in 2020, and things escalated quickly from there. In late 2021, with my newfound cycling fitness, I set myself the goal of completing a half-distance Ironman, which I accomplished this past August at Ironman 70.3 Boulder. With two more half-distance races and a full-distance one scheduled over the next year, I hope to keep competing in triathlons of various distances for the foreseeable future.